Webinar: How to Build Enterprise Sales Muscle

Practical Tools for Sales Leaders

Simon Letchford, CEO of Swagger Sales, demonstrates how to supercharge the performance of your enterprise sales team by realigning your first-line managers from super-reps to active coaches.

Most newly promoted first-line sales managers immediately try to fix deals themselves rather than coach their reps. This webinar gives you practical tools to change the thinking and performance of your entire team. 

SWIFT™ for

SWIFT™ for Salesforce

Supercharge your CRM with a coaching and performance accelerator.

Interested in a fully integrated Salesforce app that delivers value-added call planning, transforms your managers from super-reps into coaches, and gives leaders a real-time dashboard of team competencies? 

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Swagger Sales™ trains your team to perform better and gives you the tools to track progress.

The dashboards bring all the information into one place – it’s really about accountability, you can look at it very quickly to see if you have a problem in a certain area.

Kim Moller, Senior Vice President of Sales
MiMedx Group, Inc

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