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Intensely practical skills training for salespeople, front-line managers and their leaders.


  • Brilliantly simple and effective skills to move beyond price, navigate higher in your client organizations and sell on value
  • Modular curriculum – fully customized to your business, your deals and your market
  • Available in-person or remote, anywhere in the world, and licensable for internal delivery

Want sales training that’s guaranteed to pay for itself within three months? You’re in the right place…


Strategic Account Management


Advanced Selling Skills


Advanced Negotiation


Front Line Manager Coaching

“Absolutely essential. It gave our team a common language and process and delivered a massive (well over 100x) return on investment within months. 

Phil Rackliffe

President & CEO, Image Guided Therapies

GE Healthcare

Swagger Principles

  • Leverage – Understanding personal and business pain points drives motivation and action.
  • HonestySeeking to create and monetize genuine client value, not pitch products
  • Simplicity – Making it easy to plan and execute key meetings, even in complex sales

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Discover How Swagger Can Benefit Your Team


  • Fully customized to your business
  • Advanced selling skills, negotiation, account planning and coaching
  • Delivered by experts, or licensable for internal delivery at scale
  • Dramatically better than self-funding – within weeks
  • Supported by SWIFT™ Salesforce-native planning and coaching tools

Literally every leader’s feedback at the end was, “I realize that we have an opportunity to do more planning.” So critical for sales leaders, but just not done nearly enough.

John Kronforst

Global Commercial Excellence Director, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics

I’ve never wanted to put this much material into real life from any other sales course.

Evan Butts

The training was the best sales/negotiation training I’ve been to!

Ben Beit-Zuri

Account Executive

An important investment in our sales execs. Opened my eyes on the needs within our sales organization. Simple tools that can lead to meaningful change in our client approach!

Heather Johnson

VP, IDS Strategic Customers
BD Life Sciences

Preparation is key! Loved the exercises and the challenges to get better. I enjoyed the step by step training in each stage of the negotiation process; was a fantastic training!

Billy Staines

National Account Manager - IDS Solutions

One of the most actionable trainings I have had in my career! It has made me think differently about approaches that have been in my routine, and how I need to disrupt these behaviors to drive alternative outcomes.

Karen Zbyszinkski

AVP Sales, Medical Devices - Enterprise

Providing real tools to negotiate in a way where both parties gain through an increased pie and not a redivision of the same pie.

Tony Lueken

Chief Financial Officer
GE Healthcare

Excellent, informative, useful application, gave real world scenarios and I feel like have tools now to elevate my conversations.

Michelle Genovese

Emerging Markets Director

Swagger Sales Training has been incredible for my professional growth as a salesman. It is an empowering and dynamic program that positively shifts an individuals perspective and approach to closing an account.

Bryan Wilson

Territory Account Manager

I thoroughly enjoyed this training. Fun, interesting, insightful and time well spent!

Jennifer Lange

General Counsel IGT
GE Healthcare

Practical, engaging and a bit of fun all at the same time. The real-life scenarios brought some nerves to the simulations, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Anthony Bailey

Account Executive

Swagger is an empowering training! The practicality and simplicity of the whole sales process was extremely useful, the live simulations were relatable and the whole process was equipping.

Catherine Mahugu

Account Executive
Abbott ID

Excellent and engaging. Will benefit me in day-to- day preparation to maximize my time efficiency during my meetings.

Jay Tomes

IH Sales Specialist

Great! I’m definitely a better salesperson than I was last week!

Lisa Moscatelli

Strategy Enterprise Account Executive

An essential investment. Swagger Sales gives the commercial team a common language to communicate with each other and hold each another accountable.

Rohit Kashyap

Chief Commercial Officer

The training pushed me out of my comfort zone and challenged me in a great way. I’m very grateful to have been through this training!

Alexandra Hall

Territory Account Manager

When we needed expert sales advice, we turned immediately to Swagger. Their scientific and battle-tested approach to planning, execution and skills development helped us to find a solution!

Mark Higgins

Beacon Platform

Swagger is an excellent training program and I am excited to utilize it in the field; I think the team will get a lot out of this training.

Julie Childs

Regional Channel Manager

The training was engaging, simple to follow, and had a real-world, applicable feel for all levels of experience.

Josh McCormick

IH Sales Specialist

Great, impactful and will improve my negotiating!

Thomas Pruet

National Reference Lab - Business Leader

An engaging and entertaining education, that brings you to the core of effective negotiation tactics.

Max Coltrane

Account Executive

Action packed! I enjoyed the team building, the coaching opportunities and the pre-call planning methodology.

Laura Wilbert

Strategic Market Manager

Highly engaging! Simple in process makes it easy to digest and implement. Highly effective and impactful when applied.

Jerem Sutherland

Area Vice President

[Swagger provides] strategies and insights for negotiating in any context – knowledge gain can be applicable in all parts of life!

Emily Niles

Global Commercial Leader
GE Healthcare

I wish the course was longer! Everything was so valuable and will impact my future meetings.

Bobbi Martinez

Corporate Account Manager

Our Beliefs


The Swagger Sales methodology was developed by professional negotiators, and is based on advising and training literally tens of thousands of experienced B2B sales professionals, managers and leaders from the world’s leading companies.

It’s easy to commoditize a product but much harder to commoditize a solution

Deep down, clients don’t really care about your products and services, they only care about how they can lift their condition and fix their problems. The best salespeople think less about their product, and more about their clients’ businesses, pressure points and opportunities.

Complex sales are won and lost on the front end

Negotiation is important, even critical, but most of the value in a sale is created before the formal negotiation stage, based on which stakeholders are engaged and how the client defines and values the problem or the opportunity. The best salespeople gain effective access to most senior stakeholders early, understand and monetize their pain points and influence buying criteria.

Unlocking front-line manager coaching is the key to productivity growth

Front-line managers are generally promoted to the role after performing well as individual contributors. But few are giving the training and tools to transition from coaching deals to coaching people. Many remain “super-reps”, unable to unlock the true potential of their mid-performing salespeople. Fixing this is often the single most important driver of productivity growth. (Here are 4 signs you’ve got a field coaching problem)

Skills development is a process, not an event

We’ve trained tens of thousands of professionals, from young graduates up to CEOs. Training by itself can be highly effective, but there are massive opportunities to increase ROI by implementing simple tools and workflows after the training to create an ongoing planning and coaching methodology. We can help. Why most sales training is a waste of money?

Many sales leaders are flying “half-blind”

Most sales leaders have solid pipeline analytics, but have little to no visibility to the competency gaps that ultimately set the limit on pipeline velocity. Unlocking these gaps reveals problem areas early, and delivers dramatically better performance management outcomes. That’s why we developed the SWIFT™ productivity app for Salesforce.


The Swagger Sales training curriculum is supported by SWIFTTM for Salesforce integrated planning and coaching tools – built right into your CRM.

  • Integrated call, account and negotiation planning tools
  • “Closed Loop Coaching” action plans drive sustainable capability development
  • Drill-down leadership visibility to planning, coaching and competencies
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Our intensive video-taped training methodology delivers game-changing behavior changes, surfaces gaps and entrenches new practical skills in even your most experienced salespeople and managers.


  • Engaging, practical and fun
  • Fully customized “ultra-realistic” simulations for skills development
  • Live deal war-gaming during training for immediate field application
  • Teams filmed, followed by robust critique
  • Surface gaps in even your best salespeople and managers
  • Delivered by our experts, or can be licensed for in-house delivery


Strategic Account Management


Advanced Selling Skills


Advanced Negotiation


Front Line Manager Coaching


What is the basis of the Swagger methodology?

The Swagger approach is based on three principles – LEVERAGE, HONESTY and SIMPLICITY. It was developed by a small team of professional negotiators who had spent 15+ years advising commercial leaders on their largest enterprise deals, and training tens of thousands of sales professionals in sales, negotiation and coaching. They observed common and predictable gaps in the skills and approaches of the sales teams managing complex B2B sales, including the commoditization of value through the sales process (leading to price-only discussions at the end of the sales process), a lack of front-line manager coaching skills (with many managers being “super-reps” more than leaders), and a lack of visibility for sales leaders to the competency gaps in their team that were ultimately limiting productivity and revenue growth.

What modules are available in the curriculum?

We have four main modules in the Swagger curriculum – selling skills, advanced negotiation, account planning and navigation, and manager coaching. We create custom curricula for each job role based on a combination of these modules for each client’s specific needs.

My team are highly experienced and tenured. Will the training be valuable for them?

Yes. Our highly trained consultants train up to (literally) CEO level, and our training methodology (making extensive use of simulations and filming/debrief) can highlight capability gaps in even your most senior and experienced enterprise sales professionals. For more junior sales members, we can also deploy training via a Train-The-Trainer process.

How long are the training sessions?

We build a custom training plan for each client’s needs, so it varies. But our core selling skills curriculum is typically delivered over 2 full days, in-person where possible, with day one focused on the core methodology and skills coaching, and day two focused on live deal war-gaming and rehearsal for immediate application in the field. Managers will generally attend with their teams, and then attend a follow-up one or two day session focused on coaching the methodology.

What experience do your Swagger trainers have?

Our consultants are highly experienced commercial professionals and former executives, and typically have over 20 years experience in sales, procurement and leadership. They bring a compelling experience to all of our training sessions, and can confidently coach and advise even your most senior leaders. We can also equip your team to deliver the training in-house through a comprehensive train-the-trainer and accreditation process.

What tools will my team leave the training with?

Apart from a step-change in skills and confidence, we have a full set of simple, effective and value-add tools for your team to deploy in the field, including a highly effective pre-call planning tool, negotiation planner and manager field coaching tools. For sales teams using salesforce, we also have a fully native Salesforce SWIFTTM app that plugs right into Salesforce and creates the workflows for successful planning and coaching and leadership visibility.

Can you customize the training for my business?

Yes. We customize training for every single client, including building custom sales simulations set in your business (your products, your challenges), a varying curriculum for different roles (e.g. sales rep vs enterprise account manager), and with war-gaming and rehearsal for live deals and meetings forming part of every training session.

Can you deliver training remotely?

Yes. We generally prefer in-person training, but have an exceptionally engaging and effective remote training (delivered over Zoom) that creates genuine behavior change and skills development.

What is the typical return on investment from deploying the Swagger methodology?

We regularly deliver a 15-25% lift in sales productivity within 12 months of deployment, and the training investment routinely pays for itself within 6 weeks. You can see some great client testimonials throughout the website, or Book a consult with us to find out more.

Can training be delivered internally by my team through a train-the-trainer process?

Yes. We have a highly effective Train-the-Trainer (for training) and Train-The-SEAL (for commercial leaders) processes to equip our clients to deploy and support the methodology long after the training is complete.

Can the Swagger approach be delivered in other languages and regions?

The Swagger curriculum is currently deployed in over 15 languages across the Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia-Pac and the Middle East. We support local language training through our highly effective Train-The-Trainer process where we equip your local trainers to deploy the Swagger curriculum to their teams in local language.

How do you achieve pull-through after the training finishes?

We are intensely focused on return on investment, which obviously happens after the training not during it. We built the SWIFTTM Salesforce app to provide a simple but powerful drop-in coaching solution  to create the workflows that reinforce the Swagger Sales techniques. The app provides pre-call planning, negotiation preparation, complex account planning and front-line manager feedback and coaching workflows. It also provides sales leaders with drill-down visibility to their sales teams and competencies so they can literally see the methodology working in real time in the field.

“I found this to be one of the most actionable trainings I have had in my career! It has made me think differently about approaches that have been in my routine, and how I need to disrupt these behaviors to drive alternative outcomes. 

Karen Zbyszinkski

Area Vice President,  Enterprise


Maximizing the Impact of Important Meetings


  • See what good pre-call planning really looks like and get a free checklist
  • Learn how to execute the meetings that can move the needle, really well
  • Gain insight about integrating call planning into your CRM




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