Healthcare Case Study – MiMedx Group Inc.

The Need

Deliver a complete sales platform to an industry-leading healthcare company to drive double-digit revenue growth.

CLIENT: MiMedx Group Inc.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare / Medical Devices

SALES TEAM SIZE: Approx. 270

Our Approach

The Results

  • 350 people completed Swagger training (SVP/AVP/RSD/Rep)
  • Over 3,100 call plans completed in 2021; Over 1,600 completed in Q1 2022
  • Sales team exceeded 2021 budget (over 105% to plan)
  • Sales team beat 2021 stretch goal of 15% growth over 2020
  • 2021 Sales of Advanced Wound Care products $240M, an increase of $31.4M or 15% year on year
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MiMedx Video Testimonials

Kim Moller  – Sr. VP of Sales

Will Lenz – National Director of Sales Training

How do you benefit from the SWIFT™ dashboard?

What does the Swagger Sales coaching module bring to the organization?

Have you seen changes in your sales reps?

After a year with the Swagger Sales program, where is your organization at?

What would you say to your colleagues about Swagger Sales?

What advice would you give other organizations about deploying Swagger Sales?

More Quotes from MiMedx

“Swagger Sales gives the commercial team a common language to communicate with each other, measure each other and hold each another accountable.”
Rohit Kashyap, Executive VP and Chief Commercial Officer

“The SWIFT™ tools drive a common language along with much more robust pre-call planning, allowing our Account Executives & Associate AE’s to get more out of significant client interactions every client call. The tools focus our sales managers on continual team development – they are now coaching the people, not just the deals, allowing us to build sustainable muscle.
The dashboards provide our senior leaders with critical data and insight to assess the managers’ coaching abilities. The ability to drill down to individuals and even to specific meetings drives genuine accountability throughout our sales organization.”
Jason Bagwill, AVP, Sales Training

“Swagger Sales training is a fast-paced, lean and effective model that leads to immediate improvement in account planning and executing against strategic objectives. Great fun too!”
Stephen Stafford, Account Executive

“I learned the SwaggerSales process: Plan, Discover, Propose, and Close, and how to apply it practically with other teammates to reach our shared business objectives.”
Mark Yosick, Director of Marketing, Surgical

“This training gave me another way at looking at how to be more persuasive and BOLD in a conversation with a client. It also provided clear guidelines on how to effectively coach an individual.”
Julie Holifield, Account Executive

“The Swagger salesforce integration team is great to work with, they consistently go ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that the integration and deployment of the SWIFT™ tools onto our CRM is easy and seamless. A true partnership.”
John Boney, Senior Manager of CRM Applications

“Swagger Sales was enlightening and will challenge me to be more structured, listen attentively, build credibility, and shorten the sales cycle to realize revenue faster.”
Stephen Hoffman, Strategic Contract Manager

“I quite enjoyed the push to get out of our comfort zones and providing the language to help us do so.”
Peggy Belton, Account Executive

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