SWIFT™ – The ultimate sales productivity engine!

Transform your sales team in the blink of an eye!


  • Immediate productivity gains for your salespeople 
  • Transform your front-line managers from “Super-reps” into coaches 
  • Real-time visibility to competency gaps across the team 

Trusted by Leading Enterprise Sales Organizations


  • Transform your CRM into a coaching and performance engine.
  • Integrates a coaching workflow into your existing sales process
  • Gain real-time visibility to your team’s competency gaps


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A simple, real-time view of the strengths, weaknesses and problem areas across your sales team.



Full Salesforce Integration

Full Salesforce native integration

Call Planning

Robust value-add planning tools

Embedded Help

Embedded help drives desired behaviors

Real-time manager feedback and coaching


See which managers are truly building sales capabilities within their teams.

  • Live dashboards show competencies across your organization
  • Surface capability gaps early
  • Drill-down visibility to drive accountability and discipline



Transform your managers from ‘super-reps’ into coaches.

  • Fully CRM-integrated coaching framework
  • Coach sales reps directly through the app
  • Automatic check-ins to drive consistent cadence and follow-up



Brilliantly simple planning tools to accelerate pipeline.

  • Account, pre-call and negotiation planning
  • Embedded training videos and help to guide decision-making
  • Mobile and voice support to plan on the go

Sales Reps

Fast, simple deployment!

  • Optimize your existing Salesforce investment
  • Fully native app for simple, rapid deployment to even the largest teams
  • Comprehensive integration and support services available
Learn How SWIFT™ Can Work for Your Team

Simple, robust pre-call planning drives better execution of key meetings, and feeds a front-line manager coaching engine.

The dashboards bring all the information into one place – it’s really about accountability, you can look at it very quickly to see if you have a problem in a certain area

Kim Moller, Senior Vice President of Sales
MiMedx Group, Inc

SWIFT™ for Salesforce

Robust value-add “from anywhere” pre-call planning
  • Powerful call planning to get the most from critical meetings
  • Gain Manager feedback and align matrix teams before important calls
  • Context-sensitive help to challenge thinking, with voice entry from your phone
Competency assessment as part of regular Manager workflow
  • Build a competency picture as part of daily deal workflow
  • Elevate managers’ understanding of their role
  • Spot problem areas early
Integrated coaching records for performance management
  • Inspire regular coaching cadences with individual coaching plans
  • Inspect the quality of feedback, coaching and planning
  • SWIFT™ “Closed Loop Coaching” ensures follow-up
Full leadership “drill-down” visibility to drive accountability
  • Drill down three levels in your organization to drive discipline
  • See activity, competencies and coaching activities
  • Better performance management insights on what matters most – your people
Seamless, secure Salesforce Enterprise integration
  • Deployable to the field in weeks, not months
  • Full salesforce security for your data
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop for planning on the go
Customizable for your org chart and your reporting lines
  • Automatic integration with your existing reporting lines
  • User-configurable to meet your team’s specific needs
  • Comprehensive technical support for easy integration
Desktop, tablet and mobile support
  • Supports planning and coaching on the go
  • Support for Salesforce Classic and Lightning
  • Real time notifications allow coaching from anywhere
Comprehensive customized skills training available
  • Supported by a life-changing skills curriculum delivered by our experts
  • Modular menu for front-line reps, managers and leadership
  • Fully customized with in-person and remote delivery anywhere in the world

In 20 minutes, find out how SWIFT can deliver a step-change in sales productivity, manager coaching skills and revenue growth.

“The SWIFT App is a game-changer! As a sales leader, it gives me a much more efficient way to provide real time feedback and coaching to my team, and the heatmap gives me a brilliantly simple view into where my coaching time will deliver the best return on my effort.”


Caitlin Dancy

Senior Director, US Sales



“The SWIFT™ tools drive a common language along with much more robust pre-call planning, allowing our AE’s to get more out of significant client interactions every call. The tools focus our sales managers on continual team development – allowing us to build sustainable muscle.​”


Jason Bagwill

Associate VP, Sales Training