SWIFT™ – Transform your CRM into a Sales Enablement and Productivity Engine!

The ultimate Salesforce App delivers effective, out-of-the-box planning and coaching workflows for your field sales teams – fully integrated into your current sales process.


  • Simple, robust planning drives immediate productivity gains for your salespeople
  • Evidence-based coaching tools lift your Front-line managers from “Super-Reps” into leaders, able to identify and address capability gaps in their team
  • Real-time drill-down Leadership visibility right within Salesforce to spot problem areas early and drive discipline and accountability

Trusted by Enterprise Sales Organizations

SWIFT’s modular design lets you easily plug the gaps in your sales planning and coaching processes to drive better front-line execution.


SWIFTTM is a fully Salesforce-native app that brings powerful sales enablement capabilities right into your CRM and sales process. The modular “plug-and-play” design allows you to choose the functions your team needs:

  • Pre-call planning delivers more from your most important customer meetings to accelerate pipeline.
  • Negotiation preparation reduces discounting and avoids commoditization.
  • Strategic account planning surfaces account risks and unlocks new revenue opportunities.
  • Manager coaching transforms your “Super-Rep” front line managers into genuine coaches to build sustainable sales muscle in their team.

“Our leaders needed to have better visibility to their sales team – their skills, competencies, capabilities and behaviors that will help us get to the outcomes we want. If we don’t have that, then we don’t have the ability to coach. If we don’t coach, then we don’t have the acceleration. SWIFT™ helped us solve that – it’s the best thing we ever did.”


Bill Hamrick

Chief Salesforce Effectiveness Officer

Abbott Laboratories


  • Transform your CRM into a coaching and performance engine.
  • Integrates a coaching workflow into your existing sales process
  • Gain real-time visibility to your team’s competency gaps


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A simple, real-time view of the strengths, weaknesses and problem areas across your sales team.



Full Salesforce Integration

Full Salesforce native integration

Call Planning

Robust value-add planning tools

Embedded Help

Embedded help drives desired behaviors

Real-time manager feedback & coaching


See which managers are truly building sales capabilities within their teams.

  • Live dashboards show competencies across your organization
  • Surface capability gaps early
  • Drill-down visibility to drive accountability and discipline



Transform your managers from ‘super-reps’ into coaches.

  • Fully CRM-integrated coaching framework
  • Coach sales reps directly through the app
  • Automatic check-ins to drive consistent cadence and follow-up



Brilliantly simple planning tools to accelerate pipeline.

  • Account, pre-call and negotiation planning
  • Embedded training videos and help to guide decision-making
  • Mobile and voice support to plan on the go

Sales Reps

Simple deployment to even the largest field sales teams


Deployment is fast, simple and secure, with comprehensive support and advice available to help ensure strong buy-in from your reps, managers and sales leaders.


The SWIFT™ app plugs right into your Salesforce instance and does not require any change to your current sales process. The planning and coaching tools simply drive better execution of your sales process – faster, bigger client decisions, better team alignment, a customer-centric value-selling mindset and a step-change in the ability for Managers to perform effective evidence-based coaching.


Our experts can guide you every step of the way, and if needed we also offer life-changing skills training for even the most experienced and tenured teams (strategic sales, advanced negotiation and coaching) with the powerful Swagger Sales curriculum.


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“The dashboards bring all the information into one place. It‘s really about accountability – you can look at it very quickly and see if you have a problem in a certain area”


Kim Moller

Senior Vice President, Sales


SWIFT™ for Salesforce

Seamless, secure Salesforce Enterprise integration
  • Deployable to the field in weeks, not months
  • Fully native salesforce app ensures security for your data
  • Mobile, tablet and desktop for planning on the go
Robust value-add “from anywhere” pre-call planning
  • Powerful call planning to get the most from critical meetings
  • Gain Manager feedback and align matrix teams before important calls
  • Context-sensitive help to challenge thinking, with voice entry from your phone
Integrated Negotiation Preparation
  • Simple framework to review leverage, goals and avoid price-only discussions
  • Collaboration and feedback with managers and peers to align team on major deals
  • Leadership visibility to review actual vs planned negotiation performance
Strategic Account Planning
  • Review and set account strategic objectives and drive customer-centric mindset
  • Capture key decision makers, their positivity and influence and surface red flags early
  • Collaborate with peers to align on multi-person account strategies
Evidence-based competency assessment as part of regular Manager workflow
  • Automatically build a competency picture as part of daily manager workflow
  • Elevate managers’ understanding of their role
  • Spot problem areas and competency gaps early
Integrated coaching records for performance management
  • Inspire regular coaching cadences with individual coaching plans
  • Inspect the quality of feedback, coaching and planning
  • SWIFT™ “Closed Loop Coaching” ensures follow-up
Full leadership “drill-down” visibility to drive accountability
  • Drill down three levels in your organization to drive discipline
  • See activity, competencies and coaching activities
  • Better performance management insights on what matters most – your people
Customizable for your org chart and your reporting lines
  • Automatic integration with your existing reporting lines
  • User-configurable to meet your team’s specific needs
  • Comprehensive technical support for easy integration
Desktop, tablet and mobile support
  • Supports planning and coaching on the go
  • Support for Salesforce Classic and Lightning
  • Real time notifications allow coaching from anywhere
Comprehensive Customized Skills Training Available
  • Life-changing skills development (strategic selling, negotiation, coaching)
  • Fully customized with in-person and remote available anywhere in the world
  • Delivered by our experts, or licensable for train-the-trainer delivery at scale

Absolutely essential. It gave our team a common language and process and delivered a massive (well over 100x) return on investment within months.

Phil Rackliffe

President and CEO, Image Guided Therapies
GE Healthcare

The SWIFT™ app was a brilliant investment for our sales team and delivered an immediate boost to performance. The investment has paid for itself, literally, within weeks. Highly recommended.

Bill Hamrick

Chief Salesforce Effectiveness Officer
Abbott Laboratories

The (SWIFT™) dashboards bring all the information into one place – it’s really about accountability, you can look at it very quickly to see if you have a problem in a certain area.

Kim Moller

Senior VP, Sales

The SWIFT App is a game-changer!

Caitlin Dancy

Senior Director, US Sales

Providing real tools to negotiate in a way where both parties gain through an increased pie and not a redivision of the same pie!

Anton Lueken

Chief Financial Officer
GE Healthcare

An important investment in our sales execs. Opened my eyes on the needs within our sales organization. Simple tools that can lead to meaningful change in our client approach!

Heather Johnson

VP, IDS Strategic Customers

The SWIFT™ tools drive a common language along with much more robust pre-call planning, allowing our AE’s to get more out of significant client interactions every call. The tools focus our sales managers – allowing us to build sustainable muscle.​

Jason Bagwill

Associate Vice President, Global Sales Training

The (SWIFT™) heatmap just sets the stage for all different kinds of conversations. I plan on keeping this heatmap in front of the RSD’s routinely and will use it as the focal point of our coaching conversations.

Stephen Blocker

Area Vice President - Central

Very effective at navigating conversations with senior leaders of complex organizations to support moving quickly. Just as effective for sales coaches to gain confidence and independence.

John Kronforst

Managing Director - Global Commercial Excellence

A comprehensive and practical look into a simplified sales process that is easy to follow, direct, and designed to maximize minutes in front of our clients.

Nick Rudy

Regional Sales Director

How to Build a High Performance Sales Team


You’ve probably heard of the 6 P’s (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance). Planning is important, but over the years, we’ve seen too many sales teams devote time and resources to the wrong kind of planning, only to leave gaping holes elsewhere.


Here, based on years of blood, sweat and tears, is our definitive list of the REAL 6 P’s of building a high performance team.



“The SWIFT™ App is a game-changer! As a sales leader, it gives me a much more efficient way to provide real time feedback and coaching to my team, and the heatmap gives me a brilliantly simple view into where my coaching time will deliver the best return on my effort. 

Caitlin Dancy

Senior Director, US Sales


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