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Literally every leader’s feedback at the end was, “I realize that we have an opportunity to do more planning.” So critical for sales leaders, but just not done nearly enough.

John Kronforst

Global Commercial Excellence Director, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics

The SWIFT App is a game-changer! As a sales leader, it gives me a much more efficient way to provide real time feedback and coaching to my team, and the heatmap gives me a brilliantly simple view into where my coaching time will deliver the best return on my effort.

Caitlin Dancy

Senior Director, US Sales

The training was the best sales/negotiation training I’ve been to!

Ben Beit-Zuri

Account Executive

Fantastic! Practical! Can start using it today and make an impact to progressing a deal, conversation, relationship!

Terri Adams

Industry Account Executive

The SWIFT™ tools drive a common language along with much more robust pre-call planning, allowing our AE’s to get more out of significant client interactions every call. The tools focus our sales managers on continual team development – allowing us to build sustainable muscle.​

Jason Bagwill

Associate Vice President, Global Sales Training
MiMedx Inc.

I found this to be one of the most actionable trainings I have had in my career! It has made me think differently about approaches that have been in my routine, and how I need to disrupt these behaviors to drive alternative outcomes.

Karen Zbyszinkski

AVP Sales, Medical Devices - Enterprise

Preparation is key! Loved the exercises and the challenges to get better. I enjoyed the step by step training in each stage of the negotiation process; was a fantastic training!

Billy Staines

National Account Manager - IDS Solutions

The (SWIFT™) dashboards bring all the information into one place – it’s really about accountability, you can look at it very quickly to see if you have a problem in a certain area.

Kim Moller

Senior VP, Sales

Swagger Sales Training has been incredible for my professional growth as a salesman. It is an empowering and dynamic program that positively shifts an individuals perspective and approach to closing an account. Ultimately growing not only my territories’ revenue but also customer relationships!

Bryan Wilson

Territory Account Manager

Swagger Sales combines life-changing skills training with expert support and the latest technology to dramatically elevate and sustain your team’s performance.

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The Swagger Sales process delivers consistent, effective call planning, transforms sales managers from “Super-Reps” into coaches, and unlocks hidden sales leverage to accelerate client decisions.
Our SWIFT™ tools platform integrates easily with your existing CRM and Account Management systems to sustain performance long after the training ends. Driving accountability across the team, transforming your managers into coaches and giving sales leadership real-time visibility of capabilities and performance.

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How to Build a Scaleable Sales Engine


Over the years, we’ve heard many variations of “The 6 P’s”: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Planning is important, but we’ve seen too many sales teams devote time and resources to the wrong things, only to leave gaping holes in much more critical areas.

To help you avoid these pitfalls, here – based on years of blood, sweat and battle-scars – is our definitive list of the REAL 6 P’s.

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The Swagger Sales™ Difference

Simple Tools • Advanced Skills • Proven Strategies

By combining world-class sales training for reps, managers and sales leaders with cutting edge integrated CRM tools, we can align a team with a common language, new street skills and a coaching and competency framework and process, and make it stick.

Faster Planning and Communication

Accelerate rep-manager coaching cadence with in-app planning feedback



Configurable for your team, your org chart and your reporting lines


Leadership Visibility

Track the development of your team’s skills while driving manager accountability

Swagger Sales™ Success Stories

CRM / Salesforce Tools & Technology

SWIFT™ transforms your CRM from a database into a high performance sales engine.

Integrates call planning, coaching and competency assessments.

Drives discipline, accountability and performance across your sales team.

Swagger Sales™

A custom platform that dramatically lifts sales performance.