Drive field sales discipline, accountability and revenue growth by transforming Salesforce into a coaching and productivity tool.


Transform Salesforce into a coaching engine with SWIFT™ – a native Salesforce app that delivers fully integrated pre-call planning, negotiation, account planning and front-line manager coaching workflows for your team.


Deployment is fast, and supported by the best B2B strategic sales, negotiation and coaching skills training on the planet.



Trusted by Leading Enterprise Sales Teams

Transform your front-line managers from “super-reps” into coaches and leaders. Gain drill-down visibility to competency gaps, with smart coaching workflows to unlock the potential of mid-performing salespeople.


  • Strategic account planning highlights account risks and reveals untapped revenue opportunities in the complex sale.
  • Pre-call planning delivers more from your critical customer meetings to accelerate pipeline.
  • Negotiation preparation reduces discounting and avoids commoditization.
  • Manager coaching transforms your “Super-Rep” front line managers into genuine coaches to build sustainable sales “muscle” in their team.

The SWIFT™ App is a game-changer! As a sales leader, it gives me a much more efficient way to provide real time feedback and coaching to my team, and the heatmap gives me a brilliantly simple view into where my coaching time will deliver the best return on my effort.

Caitlin Dancy

Senior Director, US Sales

The dashboards bring all the information into one place – it’s really about accountability, you can look at it very quickly to see if you have a problem in a certain area.

Kim Moller

Senior VP, Sales

Absolutely essential. It gave our team a common language and process and delivered a massive (well over 100x) return on investment within months.

Phil Rackliffe

President and CEO, Image Guided Therapies
GE Healthcare

The SWIFT™ tools drive a common language along with much more robust pre-call planning, allowing our AE’s to get more out of significant client interactions every call. The tools focus our sales managers on continual team development – allowing us to build sustainable muscle.​

Jason Bagwill

Associate Vice President, Global Sales Training

The SWIFT™ app was a brilliant investment for our sales team and delivered an immediate boost to performance. The investment has paid for itself, literally, within weeks. Highly recommended.

Bill Hamrick

Senior Director of Sales Force Effectiveness
Abbott Laboratories

See the competency gaps that you’ve been missing!


Most sales leaders have good pipeline analytics, but limited visibility to the strengths and weaknesses of their team.


Tracking pipeline tells you “What” and “When“. But pipeline is a trailing indicator of capability, and it won’t tell you “Why” some of your reps and managers perform, and some don’t.


SWIFT™ builds a simple competency picture of your field sales team within Salesforce, surfacing gaps early and driving effective field coaching to supporting better performance management.

Sales leaders can drill down 3 levels in a sales organization to see account planning, pre-call plans, manager coaching notes and deal preparation, driving a dramatic lift in coaching discipline and productivity across the team.





Simple, Effective Deployment and Quick Buy-in from your Team



  • Change in management, and gaining buy-in from your salespeople and managers, is always challenging. Our experts can help you deploy successfully, with comprehensive support services and advice to help your leaders message effectively to the field, establish the right expectations and gain value fast.


  • And with Swagger Sales, you’ve also got access to the most effective strategic selling, negotiation and coaching skills training on the planet.

Life-changing Skills Training and Support


The Swagger Sales curriculum is intensely practical, delivers genuine and lasting behavior change for even your most experienced sales people, and a dramatic return on investment. By coupling skills training with the SWIFT™ app, you can literally see the planning and coaching behaviors you’ve trained in action in the field, long after the training ends.

We customize the Swagger curriculum for each client, with hyper-realistic filmed simulations set with your deals, customers and challenges. With war-gaming for key accounts, upcoming meetings, and live deals integrated right into the training, your team can hit the ground running.


Strategic Account Management


Complex Selling Skills


Advanced Negotiations


Front Line Manager Coaching

Swagger Sales can deliver training in-person or remotely, anywhere across the globe. For larger sales teams, we can also equip your internal team to deliver the Swagger curriculum through a Train-the-Trainer licensing model.


Our Training Solutions


“I’ve never wanted to put this much material into real life from any other sales course! 

Evan Butts

Strategic Account Executive 


How to Build a High Performance Sales Team


You’ve probably heard of the 6 P’s (Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance). Planning is important, but over the years, we’ve seen too many sales teams devote time and resources to the wrong kind of planning, only to leave gaping holes elsewhere.


Here, based on years of blood, sweat and tears, is our definitive list of the REAL 6 P’s of building a high performance team.



“The SWIFT app was a brilliant investment for our sales team and delivered an immediate boost to performance. The investment has paid for itself, literally, within weeks. Highly recommended.” 

Bill Hamrick

Chief Salesforce Effectiveness Officer

Abbott Laboratories

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