The Need

A global technology company had a market-leading position in the small and mid-market segments but was losing share to the competition in the critical large enterprise segment. The sales team was experienced, but they lacked the confidence to engage C-suite executives who were significant influencers on the largest purchasing decisions.

Our Approach

  • Strategy Advice
  • Street Skills Training

Working with the sales and marketing commercial leaders, we helped them expand the sources of value that their technical solutions provided. Specifically, we helped them move beyond technical benefits (such as quality and speed) to the flow-on monetized benefits (labor savings, operational efficiencies and financial results) that were relevant to the executives and differentiated their products from their competitors.

Customized skills training was then deployed to build the confidence of the sales team to pursue higher value discussions earlier in the sales cycle. Sales managers were taught to challenge the reps’ thinking and get beyond technical value. Managers became coaches, not just supervisors.


Our team’s analysis confirmed that this was a front-end sales problem, not a “closing” issue. The sales team was comfortable engaging less senior technical end-users of the products, but most lacked the confidence to engage executives early in the sales cycle to influence operational and financial buying criteria that were increasingly important for the largest deals.

Growth Path

The sales team now has a powerful understanding of what their true “Home Ground” is – the topics and sources of value that differentiate them from their competitors, and move beyond price.

The team can now defend price premiums, and is more effective in influencing Client buying criteria early in the sales cycle. They have the confidence to go higher, earlier, and to move beyond price.


“LOVED the real world scenarios.”

T. H. Director.


“Excellent.  Really brings out points and issues that are extremely effective but often overlooked.”

R. M Account Executive

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