Swagger Consultants
USA and Australia

  • Do you like the idea of delivering training that is so good, you’ll be remembered by the participants for the rest of their lives?
  • Do you have confidence, a great sense of humor and impressive commercial experience in one or more of the healthcare, professional services or information technology market verticals?
  • Are you looking to escape the corporate environment to join a small, growing and experienced team of genuine experts in a company with an enormous runway?

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The Role

We seek bold, engaging and smart consultants (Freelance or full time) who can learn to deliver our sales training at the highest level. After an intensive Train-The-Trainer process, you will deliver training to audiences from young sales reps right up to CEO level, analyzing behaviors and providing expert, life-changing coaching.

Training is delivered in-person over 2 full days, or over 3 sessions when delivered remotely. Most classes running with two consultants to create an engaging experience for both the consultants and the audience. Consultants can be delivery-only, or can be sell-and-deliver, with additional rewards for business development.

The Candidate

Essential Criteria

You will be confident, a great communicator with a sense of humor, and enjoy giving even highly experienced sales people life-changing new skills. You will have at least 10 years credible commercial experience in sales, sales leadership or procurement. You’ll be a fast learner, be a team player, and enjoy regular travel. You could be wanting either a full-time job, or a freelance role as part of a portfolio of other non-conflicting activities.

Application Process

We require a current resume along with a compelling, customized short cover message that captures our attention and clearly conveys why we should be talking with you.


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