Testimonials for Swagger Sales

Literally every leader’s feedback at the end was, “I realize that we have an opportunity to do more planning.” So critical for sales leaders, but just not done nearly enough.

John Kronforst

Global Commercial Excellence Director, Abbott Rapid Diagnostics

The SWIFT App is a game-changer! As a sales leader, it gives me a much more efficient way to provide real time feedback and coaching to my team, and the heatmap gives me a brilliantly simple view into where my coaching time will deliver the best return on my effort.

Caitlin Dancy

Senior Director, US Sales

The training was the best sales/negotiation training I’ve been to!

Ben Beit-Zuri

Account Executive

Fantastic! Practical! Can start using it today and make an impact to progressing a deal, conversation, relationship!

Terri Adams

Industry Account Executive

The SWIFT™ tools drive a common language along with much more robust pre-call planning, allowing our AE’s to get more out of significant client interactions every call. The tools focus our sales managers on continual team development – allowing us to build sustainable muscle.​

Jason Bagwill

Associate Vice President, Global Sales Training
MiMedx Inc.